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EMPI 34 EPC kit, Double port EMPI, long intake manifolds

EMPI 34 EPC kit, double port EMPI, best for 1600-1835cc engines

Dual-carburetor kit EMPI Dual EPC 34 with double port intake manifold.

The kit consists of:
2 EMPI Carburetors
2 Double-port intake-manifolds
2 Air filters
1 Accelerator linkage
Mounting set and mounting instruction in English

Vintage Tuning is a old trend where the standard engine is tuned as it happened in the 60's when there were no double-port engines yet. Partly due to the compact 34 mm carburetors, this set is ideal for getting more power out of your single-port motor. But it is also a perfect choice for the twin-port engines, you do not need a double 40 mm for that, it only makes it unnecessarily expensive. If you plan to increase the capacity further by means of a larger cylinder with a different camshaft etc. then this 34 mm set is not suitable for you and you will have to divert to double 40-44 or 48 mm carburetors. You can also order all parts from these sets separately, in which you will assemble a set yourself, but it is cheaper and easier to buy this complete set with all parts matched. If you already have the carburetors in your possession then it is advisable to order the necessary parts separately. The sets intended for the type 1 single-port motors are available with Weber ICT carburetors or with the EMPI EPC, for all other engines they are only available with the EMPI 34 mm EPC carburetors. Weber does not need any further explanation, he has already amply proven his high quality, EMPI is a newcomer on the market. The EMPI 34 EPC is a copy of the Weber ICT, several tests have proven that they are nothing inferior to Weber's original, they are only a lot more attractive from a price point of view. The only thing we do not know is what they do after 10 years, Weber has a big advantage. If you would rather buy a set with weber ICT carburetors which are not offered by us as a complete set, you will have to compile it yourself. Also the Weber ICT set is composed with EMPI parts, only the brand of the carburettor is in this case from the brand Weber.

When using Weber ICT or EMPI EPC 34 carburetors on a type 1 engine with double inlet You have the choice between two types of intake manifolds. The standard version with a height of 100 mm, which can optionally be fitted with a vacuum balancing tube and the improved version with a length of 160 mm with the vacuum balancing tube included as standard. The long version offers improved driving and stationary driving characteristics compared to the outdated 100 mm version developed in the 1970s. Due to the longer distance, the petrol / air mixture is better distributed over the two inlet ports and the negative pressure is compensated by connecting both manifolds. The result is more power but especially a much quieter running engine which is easy to notice in the low (stationary) speed range. When using the standard inlet manifolds, you have been taken into account from the factory that you are equipping it with a balancing pipe, so we advise you to apply this. You have to drill holes in the thickened parts on the manifold, threaded and fitted with hose pillars. There are motor tuners that double this balancing tube, the manifolds are prepared for it but the opinions are divided about it or it offers so many more benefits. It can not be bad at all and you can always close a balancing tube if you do not benefit from it. At the long manifolds where the balancing tube is included as standard, it is also directly under the carburettor foot even before the distribution between the two inlet ports starts, so there is no need to discuss a single or double balancing pipe. If your engine is equipped with the standard manifolds and you want to install the long manifolds, you have to take into account that you can not use a cross-bar gas rod but only a pto gas throttle


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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 13 December, 2018.

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Bus 1949-1967
Bus 1949-1967
Bus 1968-1979
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Karmann Ghia
Karmann Ghia

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